Thursday, February 15, 2007

American Idol

I am done with American Idol. After last night's "Cut" show, it has become obvious this is not a singing competition, as Simon so often says. It is a beauty contest.

Several very talented singers were sent home in favor of obviously less talented, but better looking competitors. One girl, though striking, forgot her words and everything. She made it and the super singer, though not as striking, was sent packing.

American Idol is not, repeat, is not a singing competition.

That is because Americans idolize, worship, physical beauty over things that are a little deeper and a lot more significant: talent, intellect, and achievement. We bow down at the altar of physicality over prowess. Think of the best selling acts of the 50's through the 70's. They were successful and appreciated because they were musicians. No one could accuse Bob Dylan of being a beauty contest winner!!!!

Somewhere we have moved to the worship of the flesh. So, of course, American Idol will vote in some good looking people and let the real talents go. Talent doesn't SELL.

Makes me think of Isaiah's prediction of Jesus, the coming Messiah: "he had no beauty...and we esteemed him not." How truly cross-cultural is the message of the Gospel...