Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Does Your OBAMA Garden Grow?

We planted an Obama garden to help us during these economic hard times. There is a recession on and I've got to do for me and mine...

Well, the 8 cabbages are heading in the right direction. 2 of 6 peppers have pooped out. 2.267 rows of carrots are doing fine, the rest never even started. Tiny tomatoes are trepadaciously trying out on our four plants. The green beans are running up their strings. The onions (that's pronounced on-yons) are green and growing. Four rows of corn are popping up nicely. The strawberry and cantelope are living but not budding, yet.

The grape is even leafing out better than it has since I transferred it from Grandpa Andy's.

We water them, train or tie them to supports, weed them and hoe around them frequently. Whenever I do I think of my Papa (pronounced on Blue Creek "Pop-All") and pray that somehow his work ethic, humility, patience and gentleness that must reside in my DNA would rise up. I am all too aware of my impatience, self-importance, sterness and idleness these days.

Like my little garden, my heart and mind seem more suited for wild, uninvited growth. Without daily tending, my life is reclaimed by wilderness from which God has cleared me. In this fallen place, brush and bad grow with less effort than vineyards and virtue. Both my heart and the very ground I walk on cry out for the deliverance to come at His Appearing.

The ground or the gardener are not as good as Grandpa's, but all in all, things are looking up in our little, square-foot Obama garden...

Might as Well Be Walkin' on the Sun...

I am a fair-skinned fella. I have always wished for a bronze tone (and muscular build, too, now that I think about it.) I just burn and peel back to the pale me. I guess the freckles multiply but that doesn't really count.

I went to a tanning bed ONCE because my DW said a few minutes in there would build up a base and I wouldn't burn so easy. I lay in this coffin of a thing for the minumum time possible. Next morning -- BURNED.

One family vacation to the Pocano Mountain (not exactly the tropical destination) I burned the tops of my feet so badly I could not walk for three days. When I could, piercing pain shot up and down my legs. At Gettysburg, I literally crawled along Little Round Top to get to the position from which Chamberlain launched his famous fixed-bayonett charge that drove the Alabama boys back and saved the Union line from being flanked.

So every time I go into the light I must wear heavy sun-screen or layers of clothing.

Yesterday our little fam took a trip to the local public pool. I applied number 50 sunblock a full twenty minutes before exposure. Then reapplied 20 minutes BEFORE the bottle said it was necessary. I stayed in the shade when I could sneak away from my tots who wanted Poppa to play with them in the BIG pool. We were there only a few hours.

But even on the ride home I could feel the burn.

My shoulders are deep pink with a motling of yellowish splotches. The strap for the acoustic and the bass hurt this morning in Worship. I am burned!!!!

I might as well be walking on the sun...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Daycare

This summer I am watching our kids.

First, it's because I don't have school obligations. I finally got my certification classes! Yeh!

Second, along with starting an Obama garden, we are trying to deal with the financial situation by reducing all our debts and obligations. We will save a lot by not sending them to daycare for June, July and most of August, A LOT!

Third, I love my kids and spending time with them.

So last week we began our adventures in babysitting. Let me say at the onset that I do not multi-task. Like most men, I pigeon hole life. One thing at a time is my modus operandi.

We will work out our rhythm and things will be great. Just whisper a prayer for my patience and theirs, too.

Whoa Momma! It's Father's Day

What an unbelievable day!

First, I got a super T-shirt, two books, 2 packs of IBC Root Beer, 3 pair of Scooby Doo boxers from my amazing E and G (with the help of Momma.) E couldn't stop telling me the secret Momma had in the van so I actually got these gifts a few days early.

Then, Momma made sure I got to sleep in til 7:30 Saturday morning!

Then Sunday afternoon Momma made the best meal I have ever eaten--in my life! She grilled a summer medley of veggies and a special salmon. She grilled it on a cedar plant, with lemon and dill. It was tender, moist and smoked! Then to top it off, she grilled some thick slices of sesame-seeded bread! The meal could not have been better at the Tide-Water!

I am definitely blessed beyond measure! I thank E and G for making me a Dad and Lisa for making me a whole man!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Trinity Sunday

Worship at Faith on Trinity Sunday 2009

Worship Is Preparing:

Worship Is Praise/Song:
Isaiah 6.1-3
"Open the Eyes of My Heart"
"Our God Saves"
"We Give You Glory"

Worship Is Giving:
Giving our Substance: "How Great Is Our God"
This Week's Opportunities to Give Service (Announcements)

Worship Is Prayer:
Isaiah 6.4-8
"Take Me In (Holy of Holies)"
C.A.S.T. Our Cares on Him

Worship Is Hearing the Word:
Genesis 1.1-2, 26-27
Romans 8.12-27
Matthew 3.13-17
"Holy Trinity" Teaching Time

Worship Is Lifestyle:
"He Knows My Name"