Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Light in the Darkness

JJ Heller sings, "Don't let your eyes get used to darkness. The Light is coming soon. Don't let your heart get used to sadness. Put your hope in what is true"

Advent calls mind the unreality of our current reality and the danger of getting used to our existential perspective.

As Wesleyans we believe in restoration theology. The work of Christ begins the recreation of the world, the reversal of the curse brought to all creation by Humanity's rebellion. He rose on the first day of the week to be the first of a new order. God is even now restoring things to His original design. The Garden of Eden was not a parenthetical picture, it is how God made things to be. And at Christ's return in power, the Kingdom will again come in its fulness.

Hunger will be swallowed up by fulness. Peace will destroy war. Wholeness will heal all sickness. Plenty will rob poverty of its depravation. Freedom will bind addiction.

The King of Kings will return to the earth He created and unseat the Prince and Power of the air.

The Babe in the manger was the Light. And those of us sitting in darkness have seen a great light. Hope dawned that first Christmas morning. And our Hope DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!!

So live in the Light. Walk in the Light. Dance in the Light.

Don't let your eyes get used to darkness...