Thursday, March 11, 2010


Life is unreLENTing. The pace never stops. It seldom even slows. It's alot like whitewater rafting. You can't just sit in the boat of your existence. You have to actively participate or you crash into rocks or get flooded or flipped. You cannot be a passenger, you're part of the crew.

I've been rowing so furiously lately, I haven't taken the time to blog. And I am diminished by the lack of reflection.

So for my sake more than yours, I made myself sit down today and practice the discipline of reflection and writing.

It is Lent, the season of reflection and repentance. I need both. I have been short with my wife and children. I have been too demanding of my students. I have let the big-picture focus dim.

kyrie, eleison. xpiste, eleison.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Grant Your distant follower, Your delinquent servant, grace to quicken my obedience and shorten the distance of my Christ-following.