Monday, December 05, 2005

Danger of living in the light

Once in a great while, I say or write something for a Sunday Celebration! at Touchstone Community poinient and profound enough to keep me thinking beyond its delivery. These "gleanings" I occasionally post. Please allow me the following "Vanity Press" moment:
While waxing eloquent, or rambling on some would say, about the Light of Hope in a Dark World for Advent yesterday, I believe I came upon a genuine Word: Those in the dark can see into the light, but those inside the circle of light cannot see outside it.
Think of a time you have passed an unshaded and lighted window or door at night. You can see clearly the Christmas tree or furniture within the room beyond the window.
Now think of a time you stood inside a lighted room waiting for a tardy child to come home. The same transparent window which allows passersby to see your tree and furniture, blocks all vision outside. You actually stare at a mirror image of yourself.
So, too, with those following Christ as he is and is in the light (John and First John.)
Those outside of this reconciling relationship can see into it clearly. They see the joy, hope, peace, power and freedom that furnishes such a life. They can see what Christ-followers do and even catch glimpses of Jesus in our actions.
The Christ-follower has limited vision, though. Unless we direct rays of hope, love, peace and other forms of Christian light into the dark world around, we no longer see what lives and lurks in the dark. Unless we purposefully create light beams and bridges back to those in the dark, we loose sight of the dangerous, lonely and cold life apart from Jesus.
Just a word of warning not to stare at our own image reflected agains the darkened pane; but, to let our little lights shine out hope, peace and love into our darkened world. For many wait to be welcomed into the life they see in the light.

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