Thursday, January 12, 2006

FUBU Christianity

I teach public school in the inner-city. Many of my students were FUBU apparell. I have come to learn that FUBU is an acronym For Us, By Us. The five original creaters of this now multi-million dollar corporation were African-Americans from Queens, NYC. They were upset that someone outside the inner-city was producing and profitting from the sale of urban clothing. So they started making cloths For Us, By Us-- the inner-city consumer.

FUBU has been accused of exclusivity. Some take the For Us, By Us to be a racial statement. Some feel only urban kids should wear this urban gear. But this negative speculation is just that--speculation.

But the phrase For Us, By Us certainly provokes some thought. Especially to a pastor like me who dreams and works and prays for a community of faith that reaches those "church-as-usual" has not reached. I am constantly concerned that our gatherings, outreaches, events, bridge-building efforts are for those still outside the community of faith. I believe that the church, Community of Faith (COF,) exists for those not yet a part of it. So I much of Christianity in America is FUBU -- For Us, By Us?

Do we seek to be served with styles we enjoy, buildings that make us comfortable, a level of holiness that reaches just to our level of living?

How are we reflecting Jesus who expressly declared he came not to be served (consumer mentality) but to serve (servanthood?)

Dear Jesus, the Father's Suffering Servant, grant that I may never see my community of faith as FUBU. May we every day and in every way live for Them, the unreached, and like Paul do everything I can to connect to them and through this connection connect them to you. May my life and my community be FOBY -- For Others, By You. Amen.

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