Friday, April 28, 2006

Mercy [for] Me

My last blog ended with a personal prayer to follow where ever Jesus leads.

I thought I might follow it up with some passages from Wesley's Covenant Service that always renew my resolve to follow "where ever." Phrases listing the possible outcomes of total surrender in opposite parallels always come to mind. Following is not a "I'll love you forever unless..." kind of deal. It's "I will follow PERIOD"

I almost always recall poinient passages from a Kempis The Imitation of Christ lamenting the many who love Jesus' comforts but FEW who love his cross. Any reflection here is always inspiring and spurs me on to follow where ever trusting He is leading.

But instead of words, however powerful and well-crafted, God renewed my pressed heart today with music -- specifically Mercy Me's "Forever and a Day." I was listening to their CD in my half-hour, Time-Alone-With-God commute to my day job. There was God's word to me.

"Where you lead me, I'll follow. Where you lead me, I'll give my life away. Where you lead me, I'll follow forever and a day."

Also they sing about being caught up "In the Middle" of God's Spirit and what He is doing.

Both of these served as way stations for my weary follower's heart.

Thank you God! You gave Mercy [for] Me!

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