Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

For the past several years we at Faith have called a sacred assembly on Thursday of Holy Week. We have honored this last evening of Jesus' before his trial and execution in a variety of ways. We have re-enacted the Last Supper with a table set for thirteen and re-enacted the service of the Bowl and Towel.

For the last two years we have processed through stations of individual interaction with Jesus and ended with a Communion meal together. One year we interacted with the sections of the Pater Noster (Lord's) Prayer. Last year we focused on the particular events of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ending on Thursday night.

Tonight we again walk through the events of Jesus' last week before his death on the cross. I have had the words of the old spiritual "Were You There?" rolling through my spirit all day long. As I move into the heart of his Passion I long to move closer to his heart...

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