Thursday, March 24, 2011


Bandages cause much pain in our little home. Yes, I know they are supposed to be part of the healing process. But Sister leaves them on too long and the adhesive damages her tender skin. Then there is more pain.

Having spiraled down this cycle a time or 2 (hundred), she now goes through the misery of anticipated pain. She gets hurt, wants a bandage, rejects the bandage in fear of future pain and then fights her parents' attempts to bandage her wound.

She doesn't believe there is a safe and pain-free way to remove the bandage. So it stays on and she later laments like Job, "what I feared has come upon me, what I dreaded has happened to me."

Her experience is too limited. Her conclusions faulty and based on imperfect data. She ignores the advise and perspective of one more experienced and knowing.

Just like I do. I know one story of my life and the outcomes of my choices. God knows another. The choice is who's story will be believed. Whom do I trust?

How many bandages need to come off?

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