Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Broken Cisterns, 3

We looked last time at one sin the LORD accuses His covenant people of committing. They worshipped false gods. This sin the LORD likens to digging cisterns for themselves.

The second sin multiplies the sad state of affairs and the wrongness of the sin. They "have forsaken [the LORD,] the spring of living water..." (Jeremiah 2.13 NIV.) Idolatry always leads to emptiness because it worships what is false, not real. But these people have acted more unrighteous than this. Pagans worship in ignorance out of the human need to worship. The covenant people have FORSAKEN the real and adopted the false.

This implies willful choosing with knowledge. They knew better. The Truth had revealed Himself to them and they chose to close their eyes, hearts and worship to Him. They have FORSAKEN Him.

They have forsaken the spring of living water. He is the source. There was no need to dig rock retainers when they had a source of all that is life-giving. The LORD provided, in His gracious favor, everything needed for life and godliness. Like a spring, He continually brought forth fresh supply. His supply did not depend on rain or other circumstance. In Himself, He was enough.

Living water implies it gives life. The needs for hydration of the body and crops are met with fresh water. The means to clean untensils, clothing and the body come from fresh water. Water brings life. The LORD brings life.

Living water implies movement of replenishing, freshening. The water in a cisterm can become stagnant, poluted, unusable unless artificially stirred. Living water purifies itself, maintains it level and freshness.

What a pitiable exchange. The real for the fake. The replenishing for the diminishing. The purifying for the putrifying. The refreshing for the stagnanting. How pitiful to live with less than you know is possible.

Where am I tempted to trade the real for the imaginary? Where have I traded the fresh move of the Spirit for the stagnant pools of ritual? Where am I vulnerable to make the pitiable exchange?

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