Tuesday, April 15, 2008

From the lips of children...PRAISE!

E. has a Shout to the Lord CD recorded live at Northside Baptist, Atlanta GA (Andy Stanley's church.) It features the children of Northside. It really touches me to hear the kids praising God. He has taken a liking to track 3. He, like his momma, is a little OCD and wants it played over and over and over and over...

On the way to school, it was playing. I became aware of a child's voice in # 3 that I hadn't noticed before. Suddenly, I realized it was E. singing at the top of his voice.

"...and I delight myself in You...Your praise is always on my lips...when I'm poor, I know I'm rich,'cause in the power of Your name ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, all things are possible..."

While the sound of my own son's voice ringing in abandoned worship was enough to tear me up and cause me to join in the praise song, the reality of the words literally took my breath away and cracked my voice.

You see, there in the back seat of my car, singing at the top of his voice, "All things are possible..." sits the empirical evidence of the words.

For years we had hoped and tried to bring children into our life. We had consigned ourselves to the adoption route when along came E. then J.G. Through His mercy we now have that dream fulfilled.

With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Play it again and crank it up this time, boy-o-mine!

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