Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Joy Ride

You might not think, at first, that 7 hours in the cab of a truck would be a joy ride. But wait...there was a 4 hour break in between the halves of this trip spent sitting in wooden pews in a church with no AC listening to a college professor lecturing on Ecclesiology! Wait...you still don't get it, huh?

Well, the cab of that Chevy truck was transformed, by the holy Spirit, into an incubator for deep thought, a confessional for young pastors to vent, and a respite along the way to refresh and renew.

I am always energized, encouraged and edified when I spend time with Pastor Glen from Huntington. We usually car-port together on the long trek to Shenandoah Central from our far-west, Wesleyan outposts. Dr. Bob, our visiting theologian, had lit a fuse of thoughtful insights and questions that exploded in the cab of that Chevy into non-stop, high-energy conversation.

My mind was reeling so from the pace and portent of the trip home that I was still working out some of the thoughts at 03:00. (That's 3 in the MORNING.) I never have problems shutting down the thinker and sleeping. But I was alive with the nuggets of truh panned out in the Chevy and was afraid to close my eyes and close off this flowing of God's illuminating Spirit.

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Glen Robinson said...

Sorry if I contributed to your late night :-)