Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today I observed my sixth Patriot Day.

I was in a middle school where most in my 8th grade math classes were very young children when it happened.

I posted 0846, 0902, 0938 and 1006 on the board. They did not recognize these as significant. I solemnly explained that these were the times that each of the 4 hi-jacked planes crashed--3 into buildings symbolizing American greatness and 1 into a field in PA. I went on to highlight the last crash as significant because the Americans on board deliberately crashed it into the ground to prevent further destruction and death.

This is also the first Patriot Day in which I paused to reflect with a Muslim. He is a student who is currently participating in the Ramadan fast. I was very conscious of my words while describing those who carried out these atrosities.

How odd, I thought, the perspective of myself and these kids on this day.

God bless the survivors and families of 9-1-1.

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Glen Robinson said...

Thanks for riding down to Roanoke with me. I enjoyed our conversation!