Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Re-Newed Vows

During the summer I was privileged to officiate at a wedding. And as a special treat, Lisa was able to attend with me. I always enjoy weddings in that I am called back to my dedication to Lisa as I lead the soon-to-be-weds through the covenant. It is very much like attending a baptism and renewing my covenant with the God who loves and saves me.

It was a delight to lead the recital of vows with my gal in the corner of my eye. I fell in love with her again. Fourteen years and two children later, she is the love of my life!

Afterwards, I sat with an elder member of our congregation at the reception. He began relating to me the narrative of his wife's last day of life--how they spoke lovingly to each other, how they held each other in love's comforting embrace. The recital of vows had stirred within him the actual "'til death do us part" commitment that it takes for marriage to be blessed and enduring. With tears in our eyes we celebrated marriage -- from beginning to natural end.

I left that day renewed in my determination to be a man of integrity and live with my beloved so that if ever I might sit in my elder brother's seat at a future wedding reception, I too might weep the bitter-sweet tears of a lifelong commitment.

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The Momma said...

How beautifuly sweet.
I love you so very much.