Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Emphasis needed...

We sing a variety of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs at Faith Community. One that we sing often is Sing to the King. In the second verse there is a line that I always crescendo to triple forte (VERY loud.) "we'll join in singing with all the redeemed, 'CAUSE SATAN IS VANQUISHED AND JESUS IS KING!!!!!"

I sing with that musical emphasis because I need to be reminded that evil will some day cease to be due to the consumation of Christ's rule of the universe. I need to be reminded that evil is contengent not self-existant. Goodness, because it is the nature of God, is eternal.

Last week I sat and cried with a friend who was waiting for his wife to come back from surgery. He had just made a series of medical decisions for her after learning her cancer had come back in a different part of her body. While we waited for this second of three procedures, we just cried together.

I HATE cancer. The physical pain and suffering is enough to loathe. But the emotional stress and pain is immeasurable at times. The financial burden of treatment costs and lost work is huge.

I need to know from time to time that all this evil will end. I need to remind my friends at times that all this evil will end. My heart cries out, "even so, Lord, PLEASE come quickly!"

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