Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Daddy, Jesus Has Boo-Boo's!!!!

Shortly after Lent began God brought the reality of it all home to me through the voice of my son, E.

We read often to and with our kids. Sometimes at bedtime. Sometimes in the evening. Sometimes just to fill in time. One evening, right after supper we were reading a few books. Mommy brought in a little book about the Easter story. As she read through them, E. looked at the pictures and made comments or asked questions. At the turn of a page, Lisa began reading about the crucifixion. E yelled out, "Oh Daddy! Jesus has BOO-BOO's!!!" He was very upset.

The tears just streaked down my face and I struggled to say clearly, "Yes, E. Jesus got those boo-boos because He loves us."

There's Lent and Holy Week in a nutshell: Jesus has BOO-BOOs!

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