Sunday, June 28, 2009

Might as Well Be Walkin' on the Sun...

I am a fair-skinned fella. I have always wished for a bronze tone (and muscular build, too, now that I think about it.) I just burn and peel back to the pale me. I guess the freckles multiply but that doesn't really count.

I went to a tanning bed ONCE because my DW said a few minutes in there would build up a base and I wouldn't burn so easy. I lay in this coffin of a thing for the minumum time possible. Next morning -- BURNED.

One family vacation to the Pocano Mountain (not exactly the tropical destination) I burned the tops of my feet so badly I could not walk for three days. When I could, piercing pain shot up and down my legs. At Gettysburg, I literally crawled along Little Round Top to get to the position from which Chamberlain launched his famous fixed-bayonett charge that drove the Alabama boys back and saved the Union line from being flanked.

So every time I go into the light I must wear heavy sun-screen or layers of clothing.

Yesterday our little fam took a trip to the local public pool. I applied number 50 sunblock a full twenty minutes before exposure. Then reapplied 20 minutes BEFORE the bottle said it was necessary. I stayed in the shade when I could sneak away from my tots who wanted Poppa to play with them in the BIG pool. We were there only a few hours.

But even on the ride home I could feel the burn.

My shoulders are deep pink with a motling of yellowish splotches. The strap for the acoustic and the bass hurt this morning in Worship. I am burned!!!!

I might as well be walking on the sun...

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