Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bandage for Woody

We enjoyed a little trip out as a family last night. On our way out of one of our stops, Eli ran ahead of us a few feet and fell down. He scraped his little hand on the concrete sidewalk. He cried and then...


Eli never, never, never wants a bandage, even if it would stop him from bleeding out. He hates to take them off. That, to him, adds insult and pain to his injury.

But last night he wanted one. So I stuck on a day-glow-green one after bathtime. He then got his Woody out of the toy box and said he would sleep with him. Suddenly he sheepishly asked me to put a bandage on Woody's hand, too. So I stuck one on Woody as well.

He then curled down in bed and held Woody ever-so-gently and told him, "You'll be O.K." as he drifted quickly off to sleep.

This morning he even took the bandage OFF himself! My boy is growing up too quickly. He has such a caring way and a gentle spirit. I am so proud to be his Papa!

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